Audrain Museum to host ‘Early Landmarks in Automotive Engineering’ exhibit

Audrain Museum to host ‘Early Landmarks in Automotive Engineering’ exhibit

“Early Landmarks in Automotive Engineering“, an important new Audrain Auto Museum show running December 10 by March 5, 2023, is a screen of cars and motorcycles pulled from the Audrain Selection showcasing the amazing rate of experimentation and know-how from the late 1800s to the to start with of the “modern” cars in the late 1930s. Just about every of the meticulously picked signifies a important instant in technological improvement.

“The autos and bikes in the exhibit symbolize technological breakthroughs and experimentation in transportation that brilliantly communicate the creativeness and ingenuity of their makers,” said David de Muzio, Audrain’s Government Director, and Curator.

1899 Crouch Steam Runabout

On show in the museum’s intimate gallery will be 16 cars and 4 bikes, automobiles ranging from the exquisite and uncomplicated 1899 Crouch Steam Runabout and 1912 Rauch & Lang Electric powered Roadster to the early mass-developed Ford Design T, the advanced 1916 Packard Twin Six Runabout, and on into the 1920s and ‘30s when vehicles grew to become a mark of ability, reliability, and luxurious with touring abilities.

1910 Pierce ‘Four’

The entire world of bikes, in the meantime, will be perfectly represented by a quartet of icons—a 1910 Pierce 4, 1924 Harley-Davidson, 1936 Indian 436 “Upside Down” Four and legendary 1929 Brough Top-quality SS 100 Alpine Grand Sport.

“It is a fascinating assortment of iconic motor vehicles that vividly explains the fast evolution of motor automobiles in the very first 40 a long time of the auto,” said Donald Osborne, Audrain’s CEO.


1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen Duplicate

1899 Crouch Steam Runabout

1904 Oldsmobile Curved Sprint

1910 American Underslung Traveler by Toy Tonneau

1912 Rauch and Lang Electric Roadster

1916 Packard 1-25 Twin 6 Runabout

1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Piccadilly Roadster

1925 Ford Design T Tourer

1930 Cord L29 Phaeton

1930 Duesenberg Design J Murphy City Cabriolet

1931 Cadillac V16 Product 4235 Convertible Coupe

1932 Marmon Sixteen LeBaron Coupe

1935 Chrysler Airflow C-2 Imperial Coupe

1936 Bugatti Variety 57 Two-gentle Ventoux

1938 Packard Twelve Rollston Landaulet

1939 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Activity Touring Coupe


1910 Pierce 4

1924 Harley-Davidson JDCA

1936 Indian Design 436 “Upside Down” 4

1929 Brough Outstanding SS 100 Alpine Grand Sport