Bollinger announces several personnel changes

Bollinger announces several personnel changes

November 29, 2022

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Bollinger Shipyards LLC, Lockport, La., announced many personnel changes yesterday following the acquisition of VT Halter Maritime Inc. and ST Engineering Halter Maritime Offshore (STEHMO) before this month. 

The newly obtained yards have been renamed Bollinger Mississippi Shipbuilding (BMS) and Bollinger Mississippi Maintenance (BMR).

Chris Remont has been named executive vice president and common supervisor of BMS. Remont will oversee the facility’s ongoing and foreseeable future systems and is liable for execution and shipping and delivery. He was earlier EVP for new building plans at Bollinger.

Bob Merchant has been named vice president of operational method and integration. Merchant will be liable for the strategic overview of companywide purposeful small business units. Exclusively, he will assessment efficiency, synergies and functions programs to be certain aid of Bollinger’s exceptional strategy and very best allow potential progress and results. Merchant was previously president and CEO of VT Halter Marine. He invested most of his vocation at Ingalls Shipbuilding

Tim Martinez will continue being the govt vice president of restore for Bollinger and also will oversee BMR.

Geoffrey Green is the new executive vice president of authorities and external affairs, exactly where he will oversee all condition and federal government relations, neighborhood relations, communications and promoting routines. Environmentally friendly beforehand served as vice president for government affairs for Bollinger.

Mark Matta has been named director of software management for Bollinger Lockport New Design and Bollinger Marine Fabricators. Matta will be responsible for system execution of the Coastline Guard rapid response cutter (FRC), Navy mine countermeasures unmanned floor vessel (MCM USV) method, as properly as many assignments in aid of the Navy Columbia-course submarine program.

Jeffrey Gehrmann has been named the standard supervisor of BMR.

Bollinger ordered the firms from ST Engineering North The united states, a technology, defense and engineering group, for an estimated $15 million.

In addition, ST Engineering Ltd. may receive earnout payments write-up-closing of up to $10.25 million, subject to the award of sure upcoming shipbuilding contracts to Halter Maritime and this kind of contracts meeting the requisite functioning revenue margins.

ST Engineering executed a thorough assessment of these two U.S. maritime enterprises. The two enterprise units have incurred a combined internet loss prior to taxes of $256 million in the past five several years (2017-2021), with an annual net decline ahead of taxes that ranged from about $40 million $60 million.