ChatGPT Unleashes a Flood of Future Careers You Never Dreamed Of

ChatGPT Unleashes a Flood of Future Careers You Never Dreamed Of

In a first-of-its kind move that looks not-so-traditional, Micha Kaufman, the founder and chief recently wrote an open letter to AI, published on the front page of ‘The New York Times’, calling for truce between and AI and humans alongside the relevance of humans in unleashing its true potential and introduction of categories of AI services, including ChatGPT application developers, Midjourney artists, AI chatbot developers, and more.  

The outcome—Fiverr registered a 1400{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847} increase in demand for AI-related services in the last six months alone. 

Another website, Futurepedia currently offers an AI tool directory, featuring 864 AI tools across 49 categories spanning healthcare, life assistance, developer tools, fun tools, sales, copywriting and marketing amongst a host of others, and counting. This is also reflected in the growing interest in the use of generative AI technologies by businesses, including the likes of Midjourney, DALL.E, ChatGPT, and others. 

Organisations are already seeking individuals with AI skills to help them effectively use generative AI technologies to improve their marketing, sales and business operations. For instance, the opening for a prompt engineering internship using ChatGPT posted by NSM Automation.

As per a status report on AI by Tenzai, a software development firm, the demand for AI skills like machine learning, deep learning, NLP, robotics, and image recognition witnessed a meteoric increase globally—with the US alone expected to record a 30{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847} rise.

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Infact, And Brill, CEO at Thinkin Labs, posted a note sharing that the organisation has added a note to all job openings that required applicants to mention whether their cover letter or resume were written by ChatGPT along with the prompts they used. He further said that the applicants were informed that this would actually have a positive impact on their applications. 

So, as a developer if you want to stay relevant, it will be very crucial to upskill yourself with AI skills spanning expertise in programming languages, data engineering, models and exploratory data analysis, services and deploying amongst others. 

Ujjawal Chawda, a software engineer at Microsoft, recently shared that AI will not replace software developers anytime soon. However, building skills in domains including software design, system architecture database design and programming proficiency will help them stay relevant.

The Rise of ChatGPT Jobs 

Meanwhile, tools like Open AI’s ChatGPT have unleashed a host of products and services built around the tool, including ChatGPT consulting services. 

Take the case of ‘Upwork’ that recently advertised the requirement of an AI and ChatGPT Web App developer who will be responsible for developing and implementing AI and ChatGPT features within a Web App. According to LinkedIn, there are already 186 jobs available if you are updated with ChatGPT skills.

There is already a list of openings advertised on the Freelancer website for a host of requirements spanning integration of ChatGPT with a wordpress website, opening for a ChatGPT specialist, and several others.

Retrospectively, there has always been a certain degree of resistance towards new technology or devices being invented. For instance, when the launch of Android and iPhone invented a new industry of mobile application development. Likewise, in the case of ChatGPT—while many fear that it will take away jobs like that of writers, customer service personnels, developers, translators, data entry personnels and similar other profiles—it has a huge potential for creating an industry of jobs powered by expertise in the tool itself.

With the current raging debate around the roles or jobs surrounding ChatGPT, there is an even bigger potential for the multifaceted jobs it can create. The important thing is to position ourselves for new jobs that are being created as we speak for businesses. 

For instance, there are hundreds of freelancers offering their ChatGPT skills as services on Upwork. 

Among the most in-demand roles is that of a ChatGPT consultant for business. Consulting companies across the globe are offering the services of ChatGPT consultants for business in order to help them scale. 

ChatGPT Consultants

OpenAI’s popular chatbot has also revolutionised the consulting industry with various platforms offering ChatGPT consultancy services, wherein they provide the services of ChatGPT experts who help businesses in optimising the potential of the chatbot for their business through various ways that may include content generation, social media management, customer services and more.

Prompt Engineers: A prompt engineer is responsible for designing and crafting prompts for large language models. They can effectively use ChatGPT to generate conversational prompts and responses for chatbots and virtual assistants.

ChatGPT App and tool developers: ChatGPT has also given rise to a new domain of 

ChatGPT application developers based on the popular chatbot. The chatbot has already inspired developers to innovate a wide range of tools and applications with unique features and capabilities that leverage the power of language generation to simplify everyday life. 

A list of such interesting applications is available here.

AI Artists: The rising popularity of the model has given birth to a new domain of AI artists who generate amazing artworks using Dall-E , Stable Diffusion and Midjourney.

A list of popular AI artists is available here.

AI Mobile App developers: There is also a rising demand for integrating ChatGPT into mobile applications that has given rise to the need of AI mobile app developers.