Intel Core i5-13500 engineering sample boosts up to 4.8 GHz with one core

Intel Core i5-13500 engineering sample boosts up to 4.8 GHz with one core

Early sample of Core i5-13500 examined

A online video evaluate of Intel’s unreleased Core i5-13500 processor has been shared in excess of at Bilibili, as spotted by Hardware Nexus.

Intel Main i5-13500 (ES2) & i5-13400 (ES2), Supply: Bilibili

This short evaluate focuses on the general performance and thermal/electrical power properties of the “Q8WH” engineering sample of Main i5-13500 processor. Importantly, this is not a production or qualification sample, but an more mature version called ES2. This indicates that there may well be some alterations when compared to the last product or service.

The i5-13500 is a 14-main processor primarily based on more mature Alder Lake C0 silicon. A lot more importantly, this CPU is element of the non-K series which have lowered default TDP to 65W. This SKU has 6 Efficiency cores and 8 Efficient cores, which give a total thread rely of 20. In accordance to the out there info, this CPU has a improve clock of 4.8 GHz, which has been confirmed by the early evaluate.

Intel Main i5-13500 (ES2) in CPU-Z and Cinebench, Source: Bilibili

The i5-13500 was analyzed with well-known benchmarking computer software this kind of as CPU-Z wherever it scored 767 ST (solitary-thread) and 8227.5 MT (multi-thread) factors. In Cinebench R23 effectiveness arrived at 1901 ST and 19891 MT points. We can promptly review these final results to Alder Lake i5-12500 CPU as properly as lately leaked Main i5-13400 processor.

Core i5-13500/12500:

  • CPU-Z ST: +10{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847}
  • CPU-Z MT: +68{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847}
  • CB R23 ST: +6{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847}
  • CB R23 MT: +60{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847}

Core i5-13500/13400

  • CPU-Z ST: +5{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847}
  • CPU-Z MT: +25{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847}

Intel’s 13th Gen Core CPU has substantially better multi-main general performance than its predecessor. But this should not arrive as a shock since the new SKU has 8 added Efficient cores, although the more mature 12500 design had none.

In other words, the thread count has elevated from 12 to 20, which is a lot more or less the 60{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847}+ raise we are observing in these benchmarks. In comparison to Core i5-13400 SKU, the i5-13500 has 4 Efficient cores additional, which provides around 25{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847} bigger CPU-Z overall performance.

Intel Core i5-13500 (ES2) in CPU-Z and Cinebench, Resource: Bilibili

Tests had been also concluded for single-main and multi-main configuration with CPU strain testing applications, these as CPU Burner or AIDA64 FPU. The i5-13500 boosted up to 4.8 GHz with only 1 core enabled and up to 4.4 GHz with all Efficiency cores and 3.2 GHz with Efficient cores.  Importantly, individuals outcomes ended up realized on ES2 sample, so the final general performance and clock speeds may vary. The CPU offer electric power has arrived at as high as 165W.

Intel is set to announce 13th Gen Core non-K CPUs at CES 2023 early up coming calendar year. This introduction must be immediately followed by item availability alongside with Intel’s new B760 motherboard collection. Nevertheless, it is not needed to upgrade to the most recent chipset, as even this exam was executed on an present ASUS B660 motherboard.

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