Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX First Drive Review: Closer Than You Think

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX First Drive Review: Closer Than You Think

Driving a thought automobile isn’t going to generally teach you nearly anything. These large-greenback aesthetic exercise routines not often have true-deal connections to the highway cars they will one working day spawn. But the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is no typical notion vehicle fairly, it really is an engineering check bed for next-generation EV systems, and just after some time powering the wheel, these developments come to feel rather considerably prepared for key time.

My generate in the Eyesight EQXX has a singular intent: optimum efficiency. I have a 10-mile stretch of Mercedes-Benz’s Immendingen take a look at highway ahead of me, and I will have to travel as successfully as achievable as I endeavor to fulfill or beat the quantities established by Mercedes’ own engineers.

Slinking into the entrance seat, I’m hit with a blend of common and unfamiliar. There is loads of ahead visibility, but rearward is a distinct tale solar panels occupy the total roof, so there is no rear glass in anyway, nor is there a rearview mirror. Classic facet mirrors are existing, which the engineers instructed me was a conscious final decision since electronic facet mirrors insert also a great deal weight and electrical usage. All these sacrifices shell out off with an incredibly slippery drag coefficient of .17, which indicates it cuts by way of the air superior than a football.

Transferring the all-as well-acquainted change lever into Push, it can be time to depart. With no pounds upon lbs of audio deadening, the EQXX is astonishingly sprightly for an EV with a single motor on the rear axle manufacturing 244 horsepower. It can be a little noisier than your common Merc, guaranteed, but it really is a sacrifice I’m willing to acknowledge presented how it can be meant to be made use of. Substantial energy output is the enemy of effectiveness, although, so one fantastic squeeze of the ideal pedal is all I give the EQXX before I settle into the hypermiling mentality.

The roads encircling Mercedes’ Immendingen check keep track of feature a good deal of shifting speed limitations and hills. Some EV house owners are content to leave regenerative braking on the maximum setting and continue to be there, and when recuperation is a fantastic way to increase effectiveness, it can be a detriment when scrubbed pace requirements to be changed. The EQXX features three regenerative braking stages and a freewheeling mode, and the latter is essential. On downhill segments, freewheeling builds pace that I use to stay throttle-free for more time stretches of time. When the velocity limit drops, then it is wise to transform on the regeneration and scoop up a couple of of these electrons that would in any other case go unused. Provided the EQXX’s slippery shape and powertrain programmed for efficiency, this motor vehicle builds speed swiftly when going downhill.

Pictured: Two electric powered Mercs, just chillin’.


All the fat in the EQXX is situated nice and small in the entire body, so the automobile is astonishingly entertaining in turns. The reduced-rolling-resistance tires produce a first rate quantity of grip, which is good, considering that they aren’t specifically engineered with exciting in intellect. As my route continues, I get much more cozy with the car’s actions and I quit scrubbing pace for turns fully, minimizing reliance on the powertrain even additional. The only time I ever press the brake pedal alone is when a Mercedes engineer in an unrelated test auto enters a roundabout ahead of I do. As considerably as I want to improve effectiveness, I also want to end my route with an unscathed one-of-1 development prototype.

Whenever curiosity will get the very best of me on prolonged stretches of road without targeted visitors, I get a glance at the 47.5-inch exhibit spanning the width of the dashboard. This auto operates its personal distinctive infotainment technique that is devoted to explaining how and why the car is working to be efficient. Airflow diagrams issue out wind pace and way even though displaying the status of its lively entrance shutter and extendable rear diffuser. A further site shows the place the sunshine is positioned relative to the solar panels. My beloved monitor shows a wide range of speeds over and underneath mine and how transforming my pace will have an effect on my envisioned route efficiency.

The EQXX’s display screen has some amazing graphics, as nicely as some impressive information.


My toes are far from currently being the only arbiter of effectiveness in the EQXX. So many items are tricky at work in regions that you are unable to see or may possibly not believe about. Less than the physique, the battery is cooled with air, relatively than liquid and its electricity-thirsty pumps. The 100-kWh battery alone has a revised anode chemistry that improves its vitality density. The rear flooring is the single premier piece of cast aluminum the automaker utilizes in any vehicle, offering crash stiffness even though trying to keep body weight low. The car’s rear keep track of is thinner than the front, additional boosting its capability to slice by means of the air.

Sustainability is critical in the EQXX, because it signifies effectiveness improvements in setting up the car. This wild-ass interior works by using various fascinating and sustainable products, irrespective of whether it is really the mycelium in the seat cushions, the bamboo fiber in the shag carpeting, the recycled PET bottles in the floor and doorway trim or the vegan silk in the doorway pulls.

Go out of the way, animal leather-based and Alcantara suede — sustainable materials are the future of luxurious-car or truck interiors.


As I freewheel my way down the hill, back again to exactly where I started, Mercedes-Benz’s engineers previously have solutions for how competently I am driving. Making use of telemetry pulled straight from the car, I regular 8.2 kilowatt-several hours per 100 kilometers, which usually means I could see up to 1,219 km (757 miles) on a single charge. That is only a hair beneath what Mercedes engineers utilized as the benchmark for the day’s functions, and it’s about on par with the EQXX’s most current jaunt from Stuttgart to Silverstone. For those of you made use of to American EV metrics, I deal with 7.57 miles for every kWh, or about double that of present-day most successful EVs.

That is bloody remarkable, but it will never remain the stuff of investigation laboratories for very long. The subsequent generation of Mercedes-Benz EVs will get the lessons realized in the EQXX and adapt them to generation automobiles, giving customers far better efficiency without incorporating layers upon levels of complexity. And you will not likely even need to have to switch the air conditioning down.

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