The Back-End Tech That Front-End Developers Need to Know

The Back-End Tech That Front-End Developers Need to Know

In your job as a entrance-stop developer, you’ll devote most of your time creating a web site interface. That interface may well incorporate API requests to an application server for info, manipulating the state of the application, and styling it according to the designers’ requirements. 

In some cases, though, you are going to inevitably have to have to feel about the more substantial picture. You’ll have to comprehend the basis on which your entrance-conclusion software sits. Perhaps your supervisor desires you to take care of some areas of internet site or server architecture, or it’s possible you just want to be equipped to draw convincing diagrams of the website’s big-scale layout to persuade an interviewer that you know what you are performing. Either way, understanding some back-stop know-how can make you infinitely much more beneficial as a front-end developer.

Every single entrance finish developer should know these a few systems, at minimum abstractly: content delivery networks, load balancers, and Redis cache. These systems enhance consumer-to-server communication, and although a again-conclude developer is a lot more probably to cope with them, they could just as conveniently be assigned to a knowledgeable entrance-ender. 

3 Back-End Technologies That Entrance-Conclude Builders Want to Know

  • Written content shipping and delivery networks.
  • Load balancers.
  • Redis cache.

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CDN (Content Delivery Network)

A diagram of a content delivery network
Graphic developed by the creator.

A CDN suppliers all cacheable property (JSS, CSS, HTML) in a network of edge nodes (also acknowledged as servers) that stand in involving your application’s server and the clients who make requests to your site. This construction can greatly make improvements to your website’s overall performance as it minimizes the physical distance concerning your people and the content material that they are accessing. CDNs will also lessen the variety of requests that your origin server will have to answer to considering that the CDN servers will manage most of the requests to the clientele. Amazon, Cloudflare and Akamai are all CDN providers that you must be common with. 


Load Balancer

A diagram illustrating load balancers.
Graphic established by the writer.

The load balancer, as the identify implies, alternates requests to your website’s URL between many servers. This is yet another way to strengthen the site’s general performance simply because it can reduced the volume of requests to your web page servers by a substantial aspect. Importantly, the load balancer sits at the rear of the CDN, meaning that any requests to your site will strike the CDN very first for cached property. Only if the request continue to necessitates extra processing will it be transferred to the load balancer. Numerous algorithms can dictate the way that your requests get well balanced via the load balancer. The most basic and most common is spherical robin balancing, in which the load balancer sends every single subsequent request to the following server in the listing, 1 immediately after the other.



A Redis database delivers a way to cache details in memory on the server, making it possible for shopper requests to skip querying details from the databases. This is necessitated simply because database requests are pretty gradual relative to reading through info from memory. Redis databases essentially shop your facts as strings, making them very, very rapid to pull from memory and ship again to the requestor.

The common architecture of Redis is to position it adjacent to your server, as a “last evaluate of defense” amongst incoming requests and the server, this means that Redis will be queried just after the ask for has presently handed as a result of the CDN and been assigned a server by the load balancer. If a end result is out there as a string in Redis, then the server can return that information quickly. Usually, it will make the databases request and then cache the consequence for the upcoming ask for. 

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Wrapping Up

Comprehension the birds-eye perspective of your software’s architecture is usually important. If you’re just getting commenced in net advancement, expertise of these subject areas could be pleasant-to-have but not important. If you are a seasoned engineer wanting to establish into a more architecture-targeted or a total-stack part, then mastering these systems could possibly be the component that enables you to make that transition.