What Is an AI Website Builder?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to build a website with an AI website builder? Sounds intriguing, right? But remember that before building a website, you need to buy a domain name and hosting solution to start because this is the basic requirement.

Still, you may have certain questions about how AI website building works or what value it will ultimately bring to your business. In this article, you will learn all the intricacies of how an AI website builder can bring wonders to generate feature-rich websites within a fraction of a second.

What is an  AI Website Builder?

It is mainly defined as a platform that makes use of artificial intelligence to create professional websites in minutes. Generally, in AI website builders, users do not need to possess any coding skills.

There are intuitive features like the drag-and-drop editor and pre-installed templates. You just need to enter the prompts and your website gets created in minutes. Yes, it is that simple.

For example, Durable’s AI website builder is able to generate a website for you in just a few minutes after entering a few details. If you’re not happy with the result you can just click “Regenerate” to get another result.

Advantages of Using an AI Website Builder

●        Increased Efficiency of Repetitive Tasks

Building websites through website builders involves repetitive tasks like selecting fonts, formatting buttons and adjusting margins.

But with the implementation of AI and its emerging technology, you can automate a lot of these tasks. It handles everything with ease, so you don’t have to worry about any of the tediousness that comes with website building.

●        Better Creative Control

If you need a touch of creativity for your website, then AI website builders are your one-stop solution. You can effortlessly change colour combinations, content and design layouts to get that professional look within minutes.

●        Improvement in Productivity

When building a website, you may need several UX design tools to test and improve your website design, which can get complicated and time-consuming. However, with AI website builders, iterative tasks can be automated, resulting in increased productivity.

Factors to Consider to Choose the Best AI Website Builder 

●        Budget

Before starting, always consider your budget. Some AI website builders are packed with unnecessary features and carry huge price tags. Knowing your budget is important, as you can find economical options for the exact things you need to build your website through AI.

●        Efficient Customisation

A website builder should allow you to customise your website to fit your needs. For example, you might need to create landing pages for your marketing campaign. In such cases, AI should allow you to add, edit and adjust anything on your website.

●        SEO

Search engine optimisation is a major factor when selecting the best website builder. Some AI website builders will allow you to optimise your website by including customisable meta tags, alt-image tags, schema mark-ups, etc. So, it’s important to check for such features.

●        Mobile-Responsive

These days, most browsing takes place on mobile devices. Making sure your site is mobile-responsive and can function seamlessly across multiple devices is one of the best AI website builder features to look for.


To conclude, AI website builders are great for beginners wanting to create a website. They reduce the gap between technical expertise and creativity, opening opportunities for businesses that want a seamless and efficient website-building experience.