Christini Hybrid Electric AWD ATVs: Long-Range Adventure Machines

Christini is a U.S.-based company that has been making AWD motorcycles in all flavors for over 20 years. These motorcycles have been used for racing and protecting the U.S. border, as well as for participating in clandestine motorcycle-dependent missions with the Navy SEALs (according to the promo video).

What makes the new lineup of hybrid electric AWD vehicles so groundbreaking is their range extender technology, offering gas-powered charging to boost the ATV over 200 miles. Christini is the first manufacturer to offer hybrid electric power in an ATV or motorcycle.

This means nearly silent trail riding for hours of hunting and birdwatching and for people who want to ride without a noisy, smelly engine disturbing the peace — all while maintaining the option to run beyond the limits of the onboard battery. 

Christini has come out with a hard-hitting lineup of adventure vehicles that cover the full spectrum of needs for any outdoor enthusiast. 

Three innovative adventure-driven vehicles promise to silently and efficiently get riders onto the trail by whatever means they see fit. An all-electric E-ATV and two exciting world-first hybrid electric off-road vehicles — the AWD E- Big Wheel Moto for those two-wheeled explorers and the Hybrid Electric E-ATV. 

Hybrid AWD Big Wheel Moto Overview

Hybrid Electric Big Wheel Moto

Christini’s base model is an electric AWD motorcycle with big tires, a 150-plus mile range with range extender technology, and convenient charging off household 120V power. 

Coupling a large-capacity battery with a sophisticated AWD system for those monster tires reminiscent of fat tire bikes for traction and flotation, this bike promises to take you further than any other e-moto on the market.

A 20 horsepower, 118 pound-feet of torque electric motor and easy to use Low/Medium/High handlebar selector switch coupled to a 150cc gas-powered generator promises to get you into the backcountry and home again with a smile on your face.

Hybrid AWD Big Wheel Moto Specs

A relatively large 8kWh battery provides 5,000 watts of power to a mid-drive motor with a chain and sprocket on the rear as well as Christini’s Active Traction Control system to put power to the front wheel.

With a total weight of 313 pounds, including battery and the hybrid electric generator, it may not be the lightest bike on the trail. But the dual-piston front brake will help slow it down. The potential for regenerative braking was mentioned on Christini’s website as a future option.

Four gallons of gasoline onboard powers the 150cc hybrid generator charging the bike for 15-plus hours. 

Range Extender Technology

A hybrid electric vehicle generates power from an internal combustion engine — in this case, a 150cc gas-powered generator that charges an electric battery.

Christini has chosen a large NCM or Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide battery that charges while you ride when the vehicle is put in “Range Extender Mode.”

Instead of a power-robbing gearbox, the high-efficiency gas-powered generator drives power directly into electric motors in the hubs via a 72V battery charging system. By removing drivelines and gearboxes, Christini has created what should be a very durable off-road vehicle that should require little maintenance.

All-Electric E-ATV Overview

Moving on to four wheels, Christini has made an electric-only AWD ATV that doesn’t compromise on power, range, or durability. With a range of 80 miles on a 6-hour charge, the E-ATV can get you down the trail and home with ease on its four independent motors.

Those motors give the E-ATV one of the coolest tricks we’ve seen on any ATV. Need to turn around? How about a 360-degree power turn from a dead stop? Check it all out in the video below. This is one feature we’re itching to try, as well as “hear” the silent ride on the E-ATV.

E-ATV Specs

A 13kWh battery powers four independent 5,000-watt hub motors directly to the wheels. No final drive, no chain, no maintenance, no lost power.

There is 10.2 inches of ground clearance and 7.5 inches of suspension travel both front and back, which promises off-road comfort. 

A 48.2-inch wheelbase places the E-ATV solidly in the mid-sized ATV category, but at 605 pounds, presumably because of that large battery, the E-ATV is a bit on the heavy side.

A seat height of 33.2 inches should accommodate most riders comfortably. Dual hydraulic disk brakes, front and rear, should provide years of maintenance-free performance with the future option of regenerative braking. 

Quiet Electric Cruising

Changing the paradigm about noisy and often obtrusive ATVs and motorcycles is a long journey. Christini has stepped up with its lineup of hybrid electric adventure vehicles to attempt to bridge the gap.

For those who value peace and quiet when they explore the woods, the silence of electric driving on the E-ATV may be exactly what it takes to get a new rider out on the trails or an outdoorsman up close and personal with animals that may otherwise spook easily.

Christini’s innovative Big Wheel Moto may even be the answer to community noise complaints and help us preserve riding areas for years to come. 

Convenient Charging That Makes Sense

All Christini Adventure Vehicles are charged using standard 120V AC power available in all homes and garages. This means anyone can charge their vehicle while they sleep without the need to install proprietary hardware.

In only 4 hours for the Moto and 6 hours for the E-ATV, these vehicles will easily tackle the trails in no time. 

Hybrid Electric E-ATV Overview

Christini Hybrid Electric ATV

If you need to go and keep going, the E-ATV hybrid is the model for you.

With a gas-powered, onboard 5,000-watt generator, the E-ATV Hybrid can boost the range of the electric ATV by over 200 miles. The range extender technology charges the 13kWh battery while you ride.

Just like the all-electric version, the E-ATV has fewer moving parts than a traditional ATV, maximizing performance and reliability, not to mention that cool 360 trick.

With four gallons of gas on board, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the woods without a charger, eliminating the range issues of conventional electric-only vehicles. 

Hybrid Electric E-ATV Specs

Sharing the same footprint as the all-electric version, the hybrid electric E-ATV bumps up the range but also increases the weight to roughly 654 pounds when full.

Carrying four gallons of gasoline, the generator, and a 12V starting battery account for the lion’s share of that weight which is pretty impressive, adding less than 50 pounds.

That it comes standard with a 2-inch hitch receiver and winch is pretty neat, as well as those DC and 110V AC charging ports.

Electric power steering is a standard feature to increase comfort and decrease fatigue. The air-cooled 150cc generator promises 15-plus hours of run time on those 4 gallons of gasoline. The Hybrid E-ATV comes with on, off, and auto-start modes for the range extender system. 

Off-Board Power

Hybrid E-ATV Christini

The full line of Christini Electric Adventure Vehicles gets off-board power. These vehicles are equipped with 110v outlets and 5,000-watt inverters.

This means you can run the trails all day, set up camp, then charge your gadgets or run electric appliances. What you’ll do with your remote power source is up to you. 

Christini Electric Adventure Vehicles: Pricing and Availability

The Christini AWD E-Big Wheel Moto is priced at $19,500. It will be launched sometime in 2023, according to Christini’s website, and will come with a handsome white, gray, and red livery. 

The E-ATV retails at $20,500, with a projected release in 2023 as well. 

Finally, the big Hybrid E-ATV should cost $24,000 with that generator and extended range. This model is also scheduled to be released in 2023.