What metal fabricators can do when a tube bender breaks

CNC tube bender

CNC tube benders are likely to break—the forces concerned motivate entropy all too perfectly. What to do about it necessitates a very long checklist of considerations. Illustrations or photos: Lincoln Brunner

How extensive need to a CNC tubing bender previous? At what place in the machine’s life do you begin to glance at a complete rebuild or replacement? What is the big difference involving rebuild and re-regulate?

Good reasons At the rear of Tube Bender Breakdowns

Eventually, all tube benders will have to have to be repaired, rebuilt, re-managed, or replaced. But why?

Effectively, they use the force: CNC tube benders deliver remarkable amounts of drive to sort a straight tube into a bent form. I generally use the instance of a 4-in. hydraulic cylinder that operates the force die on a standard 3-in. hybrid tube bender. The hydraulic systems on most of these machines can create 2,000 lbs. for each sq. inch of pressure. &#13

To calculate the overall amount of power that most likely can be used, multiply hydraulic tension in psi by the full surface area region of the cylinder’s piston. A 4-in. piston has just additional than 12.5 sq. in. of floor region. At 2,000 psi, that cylinder can develop much more than 25,000 lbs. of drive. &#13

A normal strain die set up might only use 1,000 psi to make a superior part, but that indicates that 12,500 lbs. of power is even now becoming used to the tube and machine mechanics over and about although the equipment operates.

So, with tube bending, it is not a question of if the machine is heading to split but when.

Every thing Breaks

In addition to mechanics, all CNC tube benders have some form of control procedure. The 1st Personal computer-dependent command devices applied DOS-dependent working methods. Some just lately created devices may well have a Windows-primarily based computer for info entry but use a PLC for genuine integration and handle of the units on the equipment. About time, these factors start to fail, assist for application gets scarce, and locating replacements will become a lot more and more complicated. &#13

Within the cupboard and on the command console, buttons, switches, motor contactors, overloads, relays, ability supplies, I/O, and other factors all have a finite variety of cycles they can go through before they start to fail.

Handle Considerations

Most of the time, when you get a estimate to rebuild a equipment, it will include the cost of setting up a new management method. All of the mechanics will either be replaced or fixed to like-new problem. Nonetheless, a device can be re-managed without having automatically executing a mechanical rebuild. &#13

If your machine is mechanically audio, changing or upgrading the regulate system might be a lot less than half the price of a entire rebuild. Also look at that out-of-date motors and hydraulic and push programs can be changed without the price of replacing gear reducers, ballscrews, or other mechanics.

CNC tube bender

With tube bending, it is not a query of if the device is likely to break but when.

Other Major Elements

Here are a few things to take into account.

Equipment Dimensions. Smaller equipment (much less than 2-in.-OD potential) typically do not choose the similar abuse as machines 2 in. and more substantial. When the mechanics required for a rebuild could be significantly less high priced than bigger devices, the total of labor that goes into a rebuild is about the same. The charge of a full rebuild may well start out to approach the expense of obtaining new.

Element Complexity. Just one element you should really take into account closely when selecting to rebuild or re-command an present machine is the complexity of the parts you create. Most brands of new devices can simulate pieces for you, but this may possibly not be simple if you operate hundreds of unique components. Areas you are at the moment capable to deliver on an existing device can absolutely continue on to be developed soon after a rebuild or re-control.

Accessible Tooling. Some benders by them selves might not be truly worth the financial commitment of a rebuild or re-regulate, but they may also have tons of bend tooling that is employed normally and matches the machine. Some new devices can be purchased with particular software mounts or adapters so the existing bend tools can be utilised, but this is not generally as straightforward as it appears. The price tag of changing all of the offered tooling in a shop may perhaps much outweigh the value of rebuild or re-command.

Areas Availability. Some fantastic tube benders nevertheless in use had been created by manufacturers that either went out of enterprise or were acquired by firms that are no for a longer time making components for them. Most of the companies that provide full rebuild services will produce new components or obtain an ample cross reference, but even a entire rebuild will re-use a huge sum of what is on the device. This might make it difficult to just pick up the mobile phone and get elements when anything breaks.

Electricity Usage. When taking into consideration a new equipment compared to rebuilding or re-controlling an existing one, contemplate intently the volume of electric power it will take to operate it. Most more recent devices use electrical bending, although a whole lot of more mature machines have hydraulic bend arms. Electric machines are likely to consume significantly less electrical power, so the working day-to-working day price of procedure can be substantially lessen. Even hybrid devices that use electric bending with hydraulic clamping do not call for the large electricity-consuming hydraulic pumps and motors that some hydraulic bending equipment have.

Device Capability. When considering a new machine in comparison to an current bender, be absolutely sure the new machine’s capability is the same (or increased). When relocating from a machine with hydraulic bending and clamping to a new all-electric powered device, or even a hybrid with electric powered bending, be positive the machine’s potential to bend your pieces is the very same.

It is not strange for an electric powered device to be rated for the exact same measurement tube OD but at a substantially more compact wall thickness. Use the 80/20 rule of thumb: No extra than 20{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847} of your creation areas should really exceed 80{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847} of the ability of the machine. If you will be routinely bending pieces that are extra than 90{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847} of the new machine’s capacity, you must genuinely contemplate transferring up a dimension. The charge variation could make rebuilding an more mature machine that has a greater ability considerably additional desirable.&#13

There are a lot of extra factors to consider when selecting regardless of whether to devote in present bending equipment or exchange it with new, and the businesses that provide this tools can support you operate via the pros and drawbacks of every single selection. Be absolutely sure to question a great deal of questions, carefully take into consideration the information provided, and make the most effective decision for your manufacturing!

CNC tube bender

There are numerous more issues to think about when deciding irrespective of whether to devote in current bending tools or substitute it with new.