At 5.1{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847} CAGR, End Cartoning Machine Market Size to Surpass USD 9.2 Million by 2028 Says Zion Market Research

At 5.1{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847} CAGR, End Cartoning Machine Market Size to Surpass USD 9.2 Million by 2028 Says Zion Market Research

NEW YORK, June 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As per the Zion Market Research study, The global end cartoning machine market is expected to grow at a 5.1{64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847} CAGR during the forecast period. The global market is projected to surpass $9.2m by 2028. The report analyzes the end cartoning machine market’s drivers, restraints/challenges, and the effect they have on the demands during the projection period. In addition, the report explores emerging opportunities in the global end cartoning machine market.

Key Industry Insights & Findings of the End Cartoning Machine Market Reports:

  • As per the analysis shared by our research analyst, the End Cartoning Machine Market is expected to grow annually at a CAGR of around 5.1 {64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847} (2022-2028).
  • Through the primary research, it was established that the End Cartoning Machine Market was valued at projected to reach roughly USD 9.2 Million by 2028.
  • The global end cartoning machine market is anticipated to be dominated by Asia-Pacific registering the highest CAGR during the forecast period.
  • The heavily invested healthcare industry is also expected to boost the global market share of North America during the forecast period.
  • The Middle East and Latin America have also been showing signs of growing exponentially in the global market for the forecast period.

Zion Market Research published the latest report titled “End Cartoning Machine Market By Product Type (Less Than 70 CPM, 70 CPM To 150 CPM, 150 CPM To 400 CPM, And More Than 400 CPM), By Orientation (Horizontal And Vertical), By Dimensions (Less Than 200 CC, 200 CC To 1,000 CC, 1,000 CC To 5,000 CC, 5,000 CC To 10,000 CC, And More Than 10,000 CC), By End-Use (Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Healthcare, And Others), And By Region: Global And Regional Industry Overview, Market Intelligence, Comprehensive Analysis, Historical Data, And Forecasts 2022 – 2028into their research database.

End Cartoning Machine Market: Overview

End cartoning machine is the equipment used at the very end of the packaging process. The global market is spread across multiple sectors including pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, and personal care which have shown the most use for the product.

Cartoning machines are used to mechanically pick one single piece of carton from a folded stack of cartons, erect the selected carton, fill the sealed carton from the open end and then completely seal it from all ends. End cartoning is an important aspect of packaging since it helps in maintaining the product’s quality.

End cartoning machines are sometimes specially designed as per business needs and are patented for further use. Cartoning machines can be categorized mainly into two types: horizontal and vertical. Their use depends on business requirements.

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Industry Dynamics:

End Cartoning Machine Market: Growth Drivers

  • Increase in demand for sundry goods, packaged food items, FMCG products, and cosmetics to become critical growth drivers.

The global market has been witnessing a surge in demand for packaged food items, cosmetics, FMCG, and sundry goods. The changing customer preference is propelling the global market toward growth. Business leaders have also been utilizing the global market demand in their favor by launching multiple options for the same kind of products. The availability of multiple options is a key tactic to increase global market size. Consequently, this will increase the demand cycle for the end cartoning machines causing the global end cartoning machine market to grow during the forecast period.

  • Increased investment in advanced technology/innovation and brand differentiation to propel market growth.

The competitive global market has forced market leaders to constantly look for innovative technologies to meet versatile market demands. The increased monetary and non-monetary investment in innovation is anticipated to become a leading growth driver in the global market.

Multiple business competitors are added to the market daily. Hence brand differentiation becomes important for businesses to leave a mark on consumers. The need for brand differentiation has been higher than ever in current market situations propelling the global market growth.

  • Rise in e-commerce and automation to assist global market growth

In the last few years, e-commerce has shown exponential growth. Meeting the rising demands caused by e-commerce has forced the global market to grow simultaneously.

Market leaders are keen on automating as many processes as they can to eliminate manual errors and save time & energy. The increase in automation in monotonous processes to become a key global market growth driver.

End Cartoning Machine Market: Restraints

  • Non-essential cost reduction to restraint global market growth.

The volatility of the global market has caused businesses to re-do and work within the budget to garner profits. This has caused many organizations to cut down on non-essential expenses. With this decision, packaging can sometimes become a part of the non-critical component of the product. This restrains the growth of the global end cartoning machine market.

  • Changes in climatic conditions to affect the global market growth

Drastic changes in climatic conditions affect the working capacity of end cartoning machines. This adversely affects the maintenance of machines and hampers the quality of the service provided negatively impacting the growing global market.

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Global End Cartoning Machine Market: Opportunities

  • Investment in end cartoning machines catering to multiple requirements is showing growth prospects.

With the changing market demands and dynamics, investing in the manufacturing of multi-purpose machines is an excellent opportunity for business owners. This will improve the quality of the service and will help in meeting business demands on time.

  • Expanding mechanization to provide more opportunities for growth.

The need of the hour is to mechanize redundant work to maintain demand and supply balance. With the number of businesses increasing every day, their requirements are likely to rise exponentially in the coming future. Forecasting and preparing for the future demands is showing excellent opportunities for end carton machine manufacturers.

Global End Cartoning Machine Market: Challenges

  • Dynamic carton complexity and variation pose a challenge to the global market.

Advancement in need for complex cartons or need-based variations in cartons poses a challenge to the global market growth. Since end cartoning machines are expensive investments, it becomes difficult to cater to the varying needs of users causing challenging situations in the global end cartoning machine market.

  • Lack of flexibility may challenge the global market growth.

The consumer market has become flexible with its needs. Manufacturers are seen facing challenges to match up with the demand flexibility of the end-users. The lack of flexibility on time is anticipated to create challenging situations in the global market during the forecast period. Current machines are designed to create one type of end carton diminishing the capacity to meet newer needs.

  • Automation to create challenges due to delays in technical support

Automation solutions typically run on closed systems. Technical support is outsourced in such cases. Solving a problem related to the machines becomes time-consuming, creating a challenge for the manufacturers to deliver on time.

Global End Cartoning Machine Market: Segmentation

  • The global end cartoning machine market is segmented based on the product type, orientation, dimension, end-user, and region.

Based on product type, the global market is segmented into less than 70 CPM, 70 CPM to 150 CPM, 150 CPM to 400 CPM, and more than 400 CPM. The market share is led by 70 CPM to 150 CPM because they can cater to the needs of multiple manufacturers including small and large scale manufacturers.

Based on orientation, the global market is segmented into horizontal and vertical. Horizontal machines are projected to establish higher growth owing to their cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Based on dimension, the global market is segmented as less than 200 CC, 200 CC to 1,000 CC, 1,000 to 5,000 cc, 5000 CC to 10,000 CC and more than 10,000 cc. Dimensions of 200 cc to 1000 cc are expected to grow more than the rest since most of the packed items can fit into these dimensions.

Based on end-user, the global market is segmented into food & beverages, personal care, and healthcare amongst others. Food & beverages claim the highest share in the market because of product efficiency found in the market. Healthcare is showing signs of registering the highest CAGR following the use of tracking technology where products can be traced during the packaging process. Consumer goods are expected to show moderate to substantial growth.

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List of Key Players in End Cartoning Machine Market:

  • Omori Machinery Co.
  • PMI Cartoning Inc.
  • ACG Worldwide Private Limited
  • Molins Langen
  • EconoCorp Inc. (US)
  • Douglas Machine Inc.
  • IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH
  • Bosch Packaging Technology
  • Pakona
  • Langley Holding PLC
  • PMR Packaging Inc.
  • Cama 1 S.P.A
  • Coesia S.P.A

Key questions answered in this report:

  • What are the growth rate forecast and market size for End Cartoning Machine Market?
  • What are the key driving factors propelling the End Cartoning Machine Market forward?
  • What are the most important companies in the End Cartoning Machine Market Industry?
  • What segments does the End Cartoning Machine Market cover?
  • How can I receive a free copy of the End Cartoning Machine Market sample report and company profiles?

Report Scope:

Report Attribute


Revenue forecast in 2028

USD 9.2 Million

Growth Rate

CAGR of almost 5.1 {64d42ef84185fe650eef13e078a399812999bbd8b8ee84343ab535e62a252847} 2022-2028

Base Year


Historic Years

2016 – 2021

Forecast Years

2022 – 2028

Segments Covered

By Product Type, By Application, and By End Use

Forecast Units

Value (USD Million), and Volume (Units)

Quantitative Units

Revenue in USD million/billion and CAGR from 2022 to 2028

Regions Covered

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa, and Rest of World

Countries Covered

U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, GCC Countries, and South Africa, among others

Companies Covered

Omori Machinery Co., PMI Cartoning, Inc., ROVEMA GmbH, ACG Worldwide Private Limited, Molins Langen, EconoCorp Inc. (US), Douglas Machine Inc., IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH, Bosch Packaging Technology, IMA AUTOMATION, Pakona, Langley Holding PLC, PMR Packaging Inc., Cama 1 S.P.A, Coesia S.P.A

Report Coverage

Market growth drivers, restraints, opportunities, Porter’s five forces analysis, PEST analysis, value chain analysis, regulatory landscape, market attractiveness analysis by segments and region, company market share analysis, and COVID-19 impact analysis.

Customization Scope

Avail customized purchase options to meet your exact research needs.


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Recent Developments:

  • January 2020 witnessed the introduction of horizontal machines by Marchesini Group, a USA-based supplier of individual machines & complete packaging line. The machine consists of technology that can adjust according to the product. It is equipped with a digital indicator to assist quality functioning.
  • In July 2019, Douglas Machine Inc, a USA-based secondary packaging solutions provider, innovated a packaging machine that creates 34 cases per minute used in packaging frozen food cartons. They named the product ‘Axiom IM Case Packer’. The cartoning machine works on the quality handling of cartons and operates at high speed.
  • In August 2018, Robert Bosch LLC, a German MNC in engineering and technology, launched a Kliklok end-load cartoner that can generate 170 containers per minute. It is a mid-range end load cartoner designed to maintain food safety while reaching high standards of production.

Regional Dominance:

  • Huge demand for advanced packaging solutions.

The global end cartoning machine market is anticipated to be dominated by Asia-Pacific registering the highest CAGR during the forecast period. India and China are expected to lead the market share in the Asia Pacific owing to the huge demand for advanced packaging solutions to meet the market demands. The spurt in e-commerce is also attributed to the high market share owned by these regions.

This is followed by North America, given the huge consumer demands for packaged food products. The heavily invested healthcare industry is also expected to boost the global market share of North America during the forecast period.

The Middle East and Latin America have also been showing signs of growing exponentially in the global market for the forecast period. The underlying reason is the growing investor portfolio in these territories along with higher awareness of well-packaged food items.

Europe has been on a steady growth curve owing to the adoption of carton 4.0 by countries like Italy and Germany. The focus of packaging manufacturers in Europe has been on tying up with domestic manufacturers to better reach the target market.

Global End Cartoning Machine Market is segmented as follows:

End Cartoning Machine Market: By Product Type Outlook (2022-2028)

  • Less than 70 CPM
  • 70 CPM to 150 CPM
  • 150 CPM to 400 CPM
  • More than 400 CPM

End Cartoning Machine Market: By Orientation Outlook (2022-2028)

End Cartoning Machine Market: By Dimension Outlook (2022-2028)

  • Less than 200 CC
  • 200 CC to 1,000 CC
  • 1,000 to 5,000 cc
  • 5000 CC to 10,000 CC
  • More than 10,000 cc

End Cartoning Machine Market: By End-user Outlook (2022-2028)

  • Food & beverages,
  • Personal care
  • Health care
  • Others

End Cartoning Machine Market: By Region Outlook (2022-2028)

North America


  • France
  • The UK
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Rest of Europe

Asia Pacific

  • China
  • Japan
  • India
  • South Korea
  • Southeast Asia
  • Rest of Asia Pacific

Latin America

  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Rest of Latin America

Middle East & Africa

  • GCC
  • South Africa
  • Rest of Middle East & Africa

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